Best Corner Toilet 

An In-Depth Review of the Top Rated Corner Toilets

We tend not to spend too much time and energy thinking about the toilet or toilets we have working in our homes. Many of us figure that as long as it flushes properly and doesn’t get clogged up often, then that means it’s a good toilet.

However, those considerations alone will not lead you to the best corner toilet. By taking the time to closely examine toilets before purchasing one, you can significantly improve your home. You may even be able to save some money.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that matter when it comes to shopping for toilets. On top of that, we will also look at some of the top options that are currently available and see which of them deserve a spot inside your home.

Top 6 Corner Toilet Reviews

Now that we understand more about the features of toilets that differentiate them from one another, let’s get to the reviews.

Included below are six of the top corner toilets on the market.

American Standard is an established brand known for producing high quality home fixtures, so it really comes as no surprise that their Cadet 3 White Triangle Toilet does not disappoint.

The feature that jumps out at me on this toilet is just how easy it is to clean. We all know how unpleasant it can be to clean toilets and the less time we have to spend doing so, the better.

With that mind, American Standard has included features on this toilet that will make cleaning up remarkably easy.

For starters, it features the company’s EverClean system. What EverClean does is effectively keep the surface of the toilet clean. You don’t have to spend as much time scrubbing it down because it rarely gets excessively dirty.

The vitreous china used in the toilet also does a good job of minimizing the effects of certain scratches and stains.

If you really want toilet cleanup to be easier, then this is the type of fixture you need in your home.

You will need quite a bit of space in your bathroom though. This is one of the larger corner toilets you’ll see and it may not fit in all bathrooms.


  • Features an Ever Clean surface
  • Makes use of vitreous china
  • Has a large 3-inch flush valve


  • Quite big for a corner toilet
  • Toilet seat is not included

It doesn’t matter if you tend to spend a lot of time in the bathroom or get in and out pretty quickly. As long as you’re inside the bathroom and using the toilet, you deserve to be comfortable.

What I appreciate the most about the White Porcelain Corner Toilet from Renovator’s Supply is that it clearly understands how important the comfort level your toilet provides is.

The height of the toilet seat is right you where you want it at 16 inches. To make this porcelain fixture even more comfortable, the manufacturers have included an elongated bowl.

On those days when you need to spend some extra time in the bathroom, you’ll be grateful that you have this toilet installed.

This is also a dual-flush toilet so you don’t always have to use the maximum amount of water for your flushes.

One issue I did have with this toilet is that it makes use of some plastic components. Plastic is just not as durable as other materials and you need extra toughness from a toilet’s parts.


  • Elongated bowl provides extra comfort
  • Toilet bowl is 16 inches tall
  • Dual flush system featured by this toilet
  • This toilet includes a five-year warranty for manufacturer defects and a three-year warrant for the included fan.


  • Plastic is used in some of the toilet’s components

The bathroom is still a part of the home and if you want to make it look good, you have every right to do so. In pursuit of that goal, you may want to seriously consider getting the White Ceramic Corner Toilet from Renovator’s Supply.

Classic is the best way to describe this toilet’s appearance. If you want to feature a retro theme in your bathroom, this toilet will fit right in. It also doesn’t take up plenty of space, so you can still get it even if you have a somewhat cramped bathroom.

The ceramic material used in the creation of this toilet is also of good quality. It’s shiny too, which helps the toilet stand out.

It also features that dual flush system that will help you save water and it’s pretty easy to install as well.

Unfortunately, some of the parts that you will need for installation are not included, so you’ll have to get those first.

Also, this is not the most comfortable toilet. It’s a bit shorter than what you would want and the round shape of the bowl means you have a smaller surface area to use.


  • Classically styled home fixture
  • Makes use of the dual flush system
  • Features high quality ceramic
  • Easy to install toilet


  • Toilet may be on the smaller side for some users
  • Some of the parts needed for installation are not included

When you’re moving to a new place, you want to get a new toilet installed as quickly as possible. Even if you’re just making renovations to an upstairs bathroom, you want a new toilet in place right away.

If you need a new toilet installed in a hurry, your best bet may be the Grade A Corner Toilet from Renovator’s Supply.

This is one of the lightest toilets you’ll see. It weighs in at just under 39 pounds, meaning you should have significantly less trouble carrying this up flights of stairs compared to other toilets.

Being lightweight is not the only notable feature of this toilet. It’s also quite resistant to scratches and stains. The dual flush system is also present in this toilet as well.

Disappointingly, some of the pieces you’ll need for installing this toilet are not included in the package. It’s also a smaller toilet, so it may not be able to comfortably accommodate everyone in your home.


  • Lightweight toilet that you can easily transport
  • Makes use of the dual flush system for more efficient elimination of waste
  • Offers decent resistance to scratches and stains


  • You will need to get some additional pieces before installing this toilet
  • Size of the toilet may make it uncomfortable to use for some people

This is pretty much the exact same toilet as the one from American Standard that we reviewed earlier, which is a good thing.

As discussed previously, American Standard’s Cadet 3 toilets have some impressive features. Because it makes use of vitreous china, this toilet excels at minimizes the effects caused by stains and scratches.

On top of that, vitreous china is also a material that possesses a good shine. It helps the toilet look better after it’s cleaned up.

Speaking of cleaning, you won’t have to dread doing that for this toilet because of the EverClean surface. That feature helps reduce the time you need to devote to cleaning.

Notably, the issues with the toilet being too big and the missing toilet are seat are also bundled together with this Cadet 3 variant.

The only real difference between this Cadet 3 variant and the one reviewed earlier is the color.

If you want to go with the classic option, then the first Cadet 3 toilet featured in this article is what you’ll want. If you’re looking for something slightly different, then this toilet may be a better fit inside your home.


  • Makes use of a 3-inch flush valve
  • EverClean allows for easier cleanups in the future
  • Material used in the toilet discourages the appearance of stains and scratches


  • No toilet seat included
  • Will take up quite a bit of space in the bathroom

We’re finishing up with another product from Renovator’s Supply and this time, it’s the Bone China Corner Toilet. You can tell right away just from looking at this toilet that it’s going to be comfortable.

The folks at Renovator’s Supply have set the height for this toilet bowl just right. It’s at 16 inches and at that height, you won’t need to squat down just to relieve yourself.

On those rare occasions when you know that you’ll have to spend plenty of time on the toilet, this Renovator’s Supply creation will still be able to help you. The elongated bowl helps out a lot with regards to making users feel more comfortable.

Because this corner toilet makes use of vitreous china, you can also expect to remain in great condition for an extended period of time.

You’re getting the dual flush system again, so you can choose which flush is appropriate given the situation and save a significant amount of water in the process.

The only real knock against this toilet is its size. It tips the scales at nearly 100 pounds. This is not the type of toilet you want to install upstairs.

As long as you don’t forget about its size, this corner toilet should be a fine addition to your home.


  • Toilet seat is 16 inches high, which is ideal for comfort
  • Provides users with an elongated toilet bowl
  • Made using vitreous china
  • Dual flush system is installed on this toilet


  • Toilet is hard to transport because of its weight

The Factors to Consider When Shopping for Corner Toilets

A toilet can do more than just get rid of your waste. If you happen to get a good one, it will be able to help with your water bills, keep you comfortable, and even save you some time.

How Water-Efficient Is the Toilet?

Water bills usually don’t get super expensive and so we’re often fine with paying whatever amount is indicated on the bill.

Here’s the thing though: Your water bill may be needlessly high and your toilet could be the reason behind it.

According to plumbers, a toilet that was made prior to 1980 likely uses about 7 gallons of water per flush (GPF), while a toilet created before 1992 is expected to use about 3.5 gallons of water with each flush.

Since toilets have become significantly more water-efficient, those older models have to be replaced. You can now find toilets that use only 2 gallons per flush and some even consume less than that amount.

After installing a more water-efficient toilet, you will be able to cut down on your monthly expenses and even feel better knowing that you are conserving a valuable resource.

While you’re shopping for toilets, you will inevitably be faced with the following question: Do you want a one-piece toilet or a two-piece toilet?

For the most part, one and two-piece toilets are pretty similar to one another. If you’re just evaluating performance, you may not even notice a discernible difference between them.

There are two notable ways in which they differ from one another though.

The two-piece toilets are generally more affordable. The difference isn’t that significant, but you’ll notice it. That cheaper price tag comes with a bit of a caveat though as two-piece toilets are also usually harder to clean than their one-piece counterparts.

Do you want a less expensive toilet or one that you can clean faster? Your answer to that question will tell you if you need a one-piece or two-piece toilet.

What Is the Ideal Toilet Bowl Height?

If you’ve ever had to sit way down just to get to the toilet bowl, then you know how important it is for that part of the toilet to be at right height. By getting the height of the toilet bowl right, you are saving your body from needless fatigue and that unpleasant feeling of having your legs fall asleep on you.

So, what is the right height for your toilet bowl?

Ideally, you want to aim for something that falls between the range of 16 to 19 inches. A toilet bowl that’s within that range of height should be as tall as most chairs. Instead of feeling like you’re sitting down uncomfortably, those toilet bowls will make you feel as though you’re just relaxing on a chair.


Is It Better for the Toilet to Have a Round or Elongated Bowl?

Height is not the only thing that matters when it comes to toilet bowls. You will also have to take into account the shape of the toilet bowl if you want to ensure that you’re getting the right addition for your home.

Once again, you will be given two options to choose from.

The first option is a round toilet bowl. Round toilet bowls take up a smaller amount of space which makes them ideal fits for compact bathrooms. The toilets with round bowls are also typically less expensive.

The elongated toilet bowls are pricier and use up more space, but in exchange for that, you are given more comfort. Those two inches added to the toilet bowl may not seem like much, but they can make a real difference.

There’s no wrong option when choosing between the round or elongated toilet bowls. Depending on the type of bathroom you have, you may not even have a choice to make.

What Type of Flushing System Should My Toilet Feature?

Toilets don’t only vary in terms of water consumption, construction, height, and even shape. They can also differ from one another in terms of how they flush away waste.

On most toilets, you should be able to find what is known as a gravity-flush system. There’s nothing special about this flushing system, but it does make a toilet easier to clean, doesn’t produce a lot of noise and is generally effective.

Some toilets have what is known as a pressure-assisted flushing system. The beauty of this kind of system is that it significantly reduces the chances of clogs forming in your toilet. Even if you drop a bar of soap into the bowl, the pressure-assisted flush should be able to get that out of the way. Toilets with pressure-assisted flushing systems tend to be more expensive though.

You may also find some toilets that feature a dual flush system. What’s unique about dual flush toilets is that they can handle waste differently. If you’re trying to get rid of liquid waste, a partial flush should do. If it’s solid waste that you’re eliminating, the full flush is also available.

You can’t really go wrong with any of the options available, so just pick the one you like the most.

What Additional Features Do I Need to Have on My Toilet?

Getting a toilet with pressure-assisted flushing is not the only way to reduce the frequency of clogs. A toilet with a sizable trapway – the tubing that usually sits just behind the trunk of the toilet – is also useful for the purposes of eliminating clogs.

Make sure that the toilet’s trapway is at least 2 inches wide so that it allows more waste and other types of debris to go through.

Another thing you want to look for in toilets is a large water spot. Streak stains are not very pleasant to see or to clean. If your toilet has a larger water spot, then you won’t have to deal with streak stains often.

Don’t forget about the flush valve as well.  The flush valves range in size from 2 to 4 inches. The larger flush valves enable water to move faster through the toilet.


There is truly no poor choice among the corner toilets featured in this article, but since I can only pick one winner, I am going with the Bone China Corner Toilet from Renovator’s Supply.

Comfort matters a great deal for toilets. The dimensions and shape of this particular toilet from Renovator’s Supply make it easier for anyone using it to remain comfortable while doing so. Plus, the dual flush system will allow you to cut down on your water bills.

The presence of the vitreous china also ensures that this toilet will not be damaged easily.

Its weight will limit where you can install this toilet, but once it’s working, you will likely not have any major issues with it.