Glacier Bay Toilet Review

Everything You Need to Know about the Glacier Bay Toilet

We spend a lot of time and money trying to improve our houses by buying different pieces of furniture, numerous high-tech appliances, and all kinds of stylish décor. In their own ways, they certainly do a lot to make houses feel more like homes, but you also can’t overlook the essentials.

The toilet, for one, is an important part of the home. If you don’t have the right toilet, you could end up subjecting yourself to hours of discomfort and additional expenses.

In this Glacier Bay Toilet review, we will take a long look at one of the top options currently on the market and see if it can potentially be an ideal fit inside your home.

Glacier Bay’s 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency Elongated All-In-One Toilet is the company’s offering to people seeking to make the bathroom a better part of the home.

You may have heard about Glacier Bay’s products in the past and how they are designed to be highly efficient and effective. You will be able to see those qualities easily in the aforementioned toilet.

Whether you simply want to cut down on the amount of water you’re using regularly or the amount of time you have to devote to making sure the toilet remains spotless, this product is going to intrigue you with its collection of features.

Aside from those benefits, this Glacier Bay Toilet is also capable of providing a remarkable amount of comfort. If you’re going to spend not insignificant chunks of your day in the bathroom, you might as well do so while seated on something that can support you properly.


  • Conserves significantly more water than a 1.6 GPF toilet
  • Toilet seat is 16.5 inches tall
  • Features an elongated bowl
  • Has a 2-inch fully glazed trapway
  • 12-inch rough-in making it easier to fit in more homes


  • Normal water level in the bowl tends to be low
  • May have to be flushed more than once at times
  • Tank takes a bit of time to refill

Features of the Glacier Bay 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency Elongated All-In-One Toilet

Uses 1.28 Gallons per Flush

One of the things we tend not to pay close attention to is how much water a toilet uses every time you have to flush it. Understandably, you are just focused on getting rid of the waste so you may not take the time to think if your toilet is doing that efficiently.

You may want to change that way of thinking though because toilets can be notorious wasters of water.

According to plumbing experts, a toilet that makes use of 2 gallons per flush installed inside a home of a family of 3 may end up wasting around 800 gallons of water each month.

Homes that make use of older toilets likely waste even more water with each and every flush.

Thankfully, the newer toilets of today are more efficient when it comes to water usage. You will easily find models that only require 1.6 or 1.3 gallons of water to complete a single flush. Even if you have a hard time finding those models, you should still be able to locate one that only uses 2 gallons per flush.

When it comes to Glacier Bay’s Toilet, it only uses 1.28 gallons with every flush.

That may not seem like much of a difference especially when compared to toilets with 1.3 GPF ratings, but over the long haul, it’s going to matter a lot.

You should gradually see a difference in your water bill and beyond that, knowing that you are doing something to help conserve such an important resource is rewarding in it of itself.

Comfortable Toilet

If you’ve never gone in-depth on your toilet shopping before, you may not be aware that the seats come in different heights.

The height of the toilet seat is not going to significantly affect your experience if you’re younger because getting up from a seated position is no problem. Older individuals and other people who may be dealing with physical ailments will not be as lucky.

It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t be the only person using your new toilet, so having it be as accommodating as possible is important.

Toilet seats that range in height from 16 to 19 inches are usually more comfortable because they are as tall as standard chairs.

This Glacier Bay Toilet falls squarely within that range with a toilet seat that is 16.5 inches tall. A wide variety of people will be able to use this toilet regularly without having to struggle when they are done.

Another factor to note if you want your toilet seat to be as comfortable as it can possibly be is its shape.

Round toilet bowls are more common and they can also work better in bathrooms with limited space. However, if space is not something you are lacking in your bathroom, then you’ll want your toilet to feature an elongated bowl.

The inches added to those elongated bowls give you more surface area to work with. You will be able to relax more while using a toilet with an elongated bowl and that’s why it’s nice to see that feature on Glacier Bay’s creation.

Easier Maintenance

No one wants to spend a significant chunk of their free time cleaning a toilet, so it’s always a good idea to get one that makes maintenance a significantly more manageable task.

The people over at Glacier Bay are striving to make toilet maintenance easier by including two notable features on their toilet.

First off, this toilet comes with a big water spot. The benefit of having a large water spot in the toilet bowl is that it discourages streaking. Those are not the stains you want to deal with on a regular basis, so anything that can get rid of them or at least minimize their presence is a welcome addition.

The Glacier Bay Toilet also features a fully glazed 2-inch trapway.

The trapway is that segment of tubing that you normally see situated at the back of the toilet’s base. When you flush the toilet, whatever was inside of it will go through the trapway. Aside from waste, other things that may end up in the trapway include pieces of toilet paper and maybe some fallen bars of soap.

Because of the role the trapway plays in the toilet’s operation, you want it to be as wide as it can be.

In the Glacier Bay’s Toilet, you get a trapway that isn’t the widest you’ll see installed on a toilet, but it’s still more than acceptable. That 2-inch opening will be helpful for the purposes of getting rid of any potential clogs.

 If you do happen to drop something in the toilet, you can remain confident that the trapway will let it through.

Touching on the benefit of having that fully glazed trapway, it will help prevent dirt and stain buildup. The porcelain used for this Glacier Bay Toilet will remain in better condition because of the trapway.

Hassle-Free Installation

Not everyone is adept at installing home fixtures, which is why it would be best to have a product that will not demand too much out of homeowners in terms of skill.

If you decide to purchase a Glacier Bay Toilet, you can expect the process to go relatively smoothly.


The instructions included in the packaging will tell you all you need to do to get it properly installed. As soon as you get it home, you can begin the installation process and finish within a reasonable amount of time.

Alternatives to the Glacier Bay Toilet

Perhaps you’ve encountered some difficulties trying to find the Glacier Bay Toilet. In that case, you can still check out some of the alternatives that perform pretty similarly to what the folks at Glacier Bay are offering.

American Standard’s Cadet 3 Toilet shares a few things in common with Glacier Bay’s creation. It effectively cuts down on your water consumption and it’s similarly easy to fit this particular toilet into a wide variety of bathrooms.

It is just a bit shorter than what Glacier Bay offers though. Because of that, not as many people may be able to sit comfortably on this toilet for an extended period of time. The difference in height may be minimal, but it can still make a significant difference to people.

Comparison to the Glacier Bay Toilet:

  • Similar water efficiency
  • Also easy to install
  • Slightly shorter

Water efficiency is an area in which Kohler’s K-3997-7 Wellworth Round-Front Toilet also excels in. You can also make an argument for this being a more comfortable toilet to use because it’s a bit taller.

However, that increased height is not the only notable difference between this Kohler toilet and what Glacier Bay is selling. This toilet’s seat is rounded instead of elongated and that gives users a smaller amount of space to work with.

Comparison to the Glacier Bay Toilet:

  • Similar water efficiency
  • Taller toilet
  • Does not have an elongated seat

The Entrada Two-Piece Toilet is yet another fixture you want in your home if you want to cut down on your water consumption. It’s also less prone to clogging, which will prove hugely beneficial in the long run.

This toilet is on the smaller side though. It also doesn’t come bundled together with a toilet so you’ll have to spend extra for that.

Comparison to the Glacier Bay Toilet:

  • Similar water efficiency
  • Less prone to clogging
  • Noticeably shorter toilet

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Toilet

How Water-Efficient Is the Toilet?

Clean water remains one of the most valuable resources and even though we don’t often have to deal with shortages, that doesn’t mean that we can just ignore the need for conservation. If you want to turn your home into a greener and more environmentally-friendly residence, you will want a toilet that makes use of water efficiently.

How Easy Is the Installation Process?

You’ll only have to do it once, but you should still take into consideration how easy or how difficult it is to install a particular toilet before getting one. You obviously don’t want your home to be without a toilet for any extended period of time, so a product that quickly resolves that problem would be best.

How Easy Is It to Maintain the Toilet?

Cleaning up the toilet is obviously something that you will have to do often, and let’s all be honest and say that it’s not something you really look forward to. The fewer times you have to clean the toilet, the better. Certain toilet features help significantly with making overall maintenance easier and we’ll get to them later in this article.

How Comfortable Is the Toilet?

Comfort is obviously important when it comes to selecting a new toilet. We spend more than a few minutes of our day sitting on the toilet and you want to be comfortable while doing so. Factors like the height of the toilet will help determine how comfortable it is to use.


Toilets are among the biggest wasters of water in any household. If you have a particularly old toilet model working in your home, you may be adding big bucks to your water bill without you even knowing there’s an issue.

It’s simply not a good idea to have an inefficient toilet in your home and that’s why Glacier Bay’s creation is worth a longer look.

Beyond improving the efficiency of your home, the Glacier Bay Toilet will also turn your bathroom into a more comfortable space.

You can also expect to deal with maintenance issues less frequently in the future with that toilet working inside your home.