Best Tankless Toilets

An In-Depth Review of the Top Best Tankless Toilets

Maybe you’re looking to uprate your bathroom and you’ve encountered tankless toilets but wondered what they’re all about.

If so, you’re in luck today.

We’ve curated 7 of the strongest options at your disposal to streamline your buying decision saving you time and money.

Before that, though, we’ve got a handy guide to help you make the right decision in line with the needs of your family and the configuration of your bathroom.

We’ll jump directly into that concise guide right now… Tankless Toilets Explained

First thing’s first, what defines this contemporary style of toilet?

What Is a Tankless Toilet?

A tankless toilet receives water straight from your supply line.  Water pressure must be sufficient to carry human waste through the drainage system with a single flush. You might need a supplementary pump is the water pressure is too low.

A tankless toilet comes with a number of direct benefits to offset the aggressive cost so what makes them a smart bet?

Best 7 Tankless Toilet Reviews

The Kohler Veil is a design-driven wall-hung toilet from an industry heavyweight but is it a case of form over function?

This tankless toilet occupies a similar footprint to a regular rounded bowl while saving up to 12 inches of room over a traditional floor-mounted model. The bowl itself extends out by 1-½ inches for enhanced comfort with the raised seat adding to this.

A WaterSense certified product, you’ll use up to 20% less water without dipping out on performance. With a dual-flush system, you can tailor power to your requirements. A 0.8-gallon flush is ideal for lighter waste while the 1.6-gallon option sluices through bulkier waste.

The bowl is designed to accompany the Kohler K-6284 concealed tank and carrier system. This tank is insulated to prevent condensation forming and it fits in the wall as a further space-saving measure. All mounting hardware is completely hidden from sight.

If you’re looking for a minimalist and highly functional wall-hung tankless toilet and you don’t mind digging deep to buy into a brand like Kohler, the Veil keeps everything as concealed as its name suggests.


  • One-piece build for a sleek aesthetic and streamlined installation
  • Design renders cleaning this toilet a breeze
  • Dual-flush mechanism gives you eco-friendly and performance flushing
  • Brackets hidden behind wall give you enormous scope with installation
  • Made from Vitreous china for a clean, minimalist look


  • Tape and Velcro fixings for side panels are a disappointment
  • Minimal amount of water sits in the bowl

This is absolutely not a toilet for everyone but if you have deep pockets and exacting standards, TOTO delivers fully. The Neorest series rolls efficiency, hygiene and precision engineering into one highly attractive package. What makes it worth that stiff price tag?

The cyclonic flushing system is adjustable so you can use only the amount of water you need. The jet delivers flushes as powerful as they are efficient.

The treatment of the glazed bowl means nothing sticks to it. Electrolyzed water mists the bowl after flushing to prevent any need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Tweak the heated seat so it’s just the temperature you need and kiss goodbye to cold and uncomfortable experiences in the winter.

When you’ve finished up, the bidet might be an acquired taste but you’ve got multiple cleaning options at your disposal and you’ll minimize toilet paper just as the efficient flush reduces water usage. The Neorest is an enticing marriage of luxury and ecology.


  • Bowl glazed with CeFIONtect so nothing sticks to non-porous surface and you need less water to flush all waste through
  • Siphon jet tornado system for maximum efficiency with 0.8-gallon and 1-gallon flush
  • Front, rear, and soft cleaning options on washlet for a more hygienic experience
  • Electrolyzed water to make sure cleaning and washing are as sanitary as possible
  • Remote control can be wall-mounted or handheld for maximum flexibility


  • The eye-popping price tag means the Neorest is certainly not for bargain-hunters
  • Heated seat draws down a fair bit of electricity when not in power-saving mode

Do you have a smaller bathroom or the need for a toilet in a confined space like a small loft conversion? Perhaps you need to install a toilet for a family member with physical limitations?

If so, the Saniflow Sanicompact has a flush that’s almost effortless to use and it’s expressly designed to fit where you’d struggle to place a regular toilet.

Hit the air switch on top of the bowl and you’ll get a timed flush that’s powerful enough for most purposes while using very little water saving you money and improving your environmental footprint.

There’s no call for a tank, installation couldn’t be much easier and you’ll be able to hook up the Saniflow to a sink if required. The toilet is also capable of handling waste water from that sink giving you a powerful multipurpose unit.

Vitreous china, neoprene and stainless steel components give you plenty of durability to accompany energy-efficiency and compact dimensions.


  • Self-contained unit optimized for slotting into restricted spaces
  • Macerator, pump and bowl combined so straightforward installation with only 3 connections needed
  • Dual-flush electronically timed to allow just over 1 gallon of water through and requires almost no effort to activate
  • No venting required and fits with any sink accommodating waste water from the sink, too


  • Struggles with bulkier waste and high volumes of paper so think closely about intended usage
  • Parts are not readily available if anything goes amiss

This fully integrated TOTO 700H toilet is larger than the 550H while still remaining relatively compact.

Automation is uppermost. The lid will open and close on its own with no need to soil your hands or lift a finger. The standard TOTO cyclonic flush is also automatic and intelligent enough to distinguish how much water is required to deal with the waste in question.

A heated seat with variable temperature along with a remote control gives you an added layer of convenience.

With electrolyzed water helping to keep the bowl sanitized and a Wonderwave spray you can manipulate for comfort. The wand also cleans itself when you’re through.

The elongated front bowl and classic TOTO design means this toilet will fit neatly with pretty much any bathroom décor and it won’t eat up too much precious real estate either.


  • Hands-free automatic flush for convenience and hygiene
  • Soft-close seat mechanism helps extend lifespan and prevents accidental slamming
  • Illuminated remote control works well in all light conditions
  • Streamlined one-piece design with no requirement for a tank
  • Aerated water spray offers multiple options for comfort and cleanliness


  • Extremely expensive like all TOTO models but represents solid value if you’ve got a fluid budget
  • Lid-flipping sensor can be overly sensitive

The Duravit Stark 3 brings together German precision engineering with the thoughtful design you’d expect from Philippe Starck.


With a dual-flush system in place, this is listed as an eco-friendly toilet so you can save water while saving on your utility bills into the bargain.

Lightweight and wall-mountable, the Starck 3 is ideal in smaller bathrooms. You won’t be encumbered by a tank as this slots in the wall for a cleaner look.

Make provision for the seat when you’re budgeting as its sold separately which is slightly underhand but not a deal-breaker. Even when you factor this in, the Duravit boasts a solid price/performance ratio.


  • Designed to look slick and pared-down while also far lighter than a conventional toilet at just 30 pounds
  • Wash-down model to simplify clean up
  • Dual-flush functionality using either 0.8 gallons for liquids and 1.6 gallons for solid waste
  • WonderGliss coated ceramic looks great and built to last
  • Wall-mounted to save space with an elongated bowl for increased comfort


  • Proprietary seat required and sold separately but comfort is somewhat lacking
  • At less than 17 inches high, some might find it restrictive

The TOTO Aquia is another wall-mountable toilet that comes without a seat so make sure you budget for that. You’ll also need an in-wall tank. In return, this compact toilet is a neat fit in bathrooms where space is at a premium.

The dual-flush uses either 0.9 gallons or 1.6 gallons. While efficient enough to satisfy WaterSense standards, the triggers rather than lever doesn’t meet ADA legislation. This is a non-issue for home use but it’s not suitable for installation in public restrooms.

With a semi-skirted design, you’ll enjoy the appearance of a more expensive model with none of the drawbacks of a fully skirted model.

The Aquia gives you the chance to buy into the TOTO brand at a fairly competitive price-point.


  • Wall-mountable to be used with TOTO in-wall tank system for a lean, uncluttered appearance
  • Low water consumption from dual-flush mechanism meets EPA WaterSense requirements
  • Elongated bowl for a more natural position than rounded alternative
  • Universal height in line with ADA legislation
  • Semi-skirted design gives you the benefits of a fully skirted toilet without interfering with water supply


  • Low-volume toilet so you will need to keep on top of cleaning
  • You’ll sometimes need to flush more than once

The Kohler Karing is a flawed masterpiece delivering innovative functionality with a heavy slant on design and saving space.

The touchscreen remote is sure to impress your guests but you’ll need to tip them off on how to wake the toilet from its slumber.


The lid is motion-activated so opens and closes on its own while the onboard bidet features a self-cleaning wand which rinses automatically after each use.

A carbon filter is a nice touch for neutralizing any embarrassing odors while the heated seat and dryer give you or your guests another dimension of comfort in the smallest room.

Energy-efficient to the exacting WaterSense standards, the 1.28-gallon flush can save a substantial volume of water over the course of a year.

For a tech-driven and customizable toilet tailor-made for use in confined and gloomy bathrooms, the Kohler Karing is expensive but represents sterling value if you’ve got deeper pockets.


  • LED light brightens up the bowl to prevent any nighttime accidents
  • Touchscreen or remote-controlled flush packs a considerable punch
  • Personalize settings for water temperature, heated seat and dryer for a pair of users to minimize fussing around
  • Bidet comes with self-cleaning wand, dryer and deodorizing filter for the complete package
  • Compact one-piece design is skirted and tankless for a curved appearance and easy cleaning


  • Need to hit a button on the remote to activate the toilet which can be confusing for guests
  • Some reported issues with flushing going haywire from time to time

Benefits of Tankless Toilets

  • Space-Saving Footprint: If you have a small or narrow bathroom, a compact tankless toilet is small enough not to crowd the space. The ability to mount it on the wall is another real space-saver.
  • User-Friendly: The automated nature and advanced functionality of the better tankless toilets means using them is as pleasurable as a visit to the bathroom is possible to be.
  • Efficient Flushing System: The sophisticated flush system makes tankless loos great if you want to save water without dipping out on flushing power. Tankless toilets compliant with WaterSense regulations can reduce water usage by up to 20% per flush (
  • Sleek and Minimalist Design: If you don’t want to spoil the clean and stripped-back lines of your bathroom with a bulbous and unsightly toilet, the lean appearance of a tankless unit makes perfect sense.
  • Simple to Clean: The design of this type of toilet makes cleaning much easier than with a conventional alternative

Think first about installation. Some toilets require professional fitting while others are a cakewalk to slip in with just a few simple connections. We’ve drawn your attention to ease of installation in our reviews.

If you have low water pressure in your home, you should consult a plumber before committing to purchase to determine whether you’ll need an auxiliary pump.


Make sure, of course, to take accurate measurements in your bathroom so you don’t end up with a toilet that crowds the area unduly.

Think about the level of comfort you demand from a toilet and look for features in line with your desires.

Pay attention to how easy the toilet is to clean. This is one of the key attractors of tankless toilets and treated glazing along with electrolyzed water can make your life even easier.

As mentioned above, look at the flushing mechanism and the way in which the toilet is mounted so you get the right fit for your bathroom and requirements.

As with any purchasing decision, price is a factor but it shouldn’t be the prevailing factor. Think about overall value and lifespan rather than focusing purely on the bottom line.

Attributes That Differentiate Tankless Toilets

In most of the ways that count, tankless toilets are remarkably similar.

Since they are obviously fairly products, there’s not too much to differentiate one toilet from the next. There are, though, a few areas to consider:

  • Is It Wall-Mounted?
  • Does It Have a Dual-Flush System?
  • How About a Spray?
  • Extra Features

Is It Wall-Mounted?

If space is too tight to mention, look for a wall-hung toilet.

Some tankless toilets are floor-mounted just like a regular loo. Decide how much you need to prioritize saving space rather than reflexively opting for a wall-mounted model.

Does It Have a Dual-Flush System?

To maximize water efficiency, shoot for a toilet offering a dual-flush system.

You’ll generally be able to get away with roughly half the amount of water for light or liquid waste reserving the more powerful flush for bulkier solid waste.

How About a Spray?

The majority of tankless models come with an onboard bidet.


These washers vary in scope but many have dryers to finish the job off. All should provide several settings for enhanced comfort.

Extra Features

From heated seats to remote controls, automatic lids to self-cleaning bidet wands, the more you pay, the more bells and whistles you can expect.

Think closely about which of these extra features would be legitimately valuable for you. It doesn’t make sense to pay out for embellishments for the sake of it.


Bear these pointers in mind and see which of the following tankless toilets might best fit your needs.

This video shows the flush mechanism of a tankless unit in action.


Taking all elements into consideration, our overall pick for best tankless toilet was a tough call.

We were torn between the pair of TOTOs but have to suggest the smaller, less expensive 550H.

You’ll get top-tier build quality with striking design and it’s more suitable for smaller bathrooms than its more substantial stablemate.

The half-flush helps you to save money over time with reduced water usage while the bidet is a valuable touch.


Throw in straightforward installation and simplified cleaning and you couldn’t ask for much more from a tankless toilet.