Best Wall Mounted Toilets

An In-Depth Review of the Top Best Wall Mounted Toilets

When designing your bathroom, you have to take into consideration a wide variety of factors to make sure that it turns out great. You need to pick out the right tiles, figure out the lighting, and also choose the correct fixtures.

You also have to make sure that you actually have the space required to get everything inside your bathroom.

If you find that space is lacking in your new bathroom, you may have to get specific products. In that case, you will likely have to go look through the best wall mounted toilets to see which one fits best in your home.

Top 6 Best Wall Mounted Toilets

We now know more about how wall mounted toilets differ from the more conventional choices that are available. Using that knowledge, let’s take a closer look at some of the wall mounted toilets that are currently available and see if they can fit well inside your home.

The toilet should probably not serve as an essential design piece inside your home. Then again, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if your toilet did contribute to the improvement of your home’s overall appearance.

In Kohler’s Veil Wall Hung-Toilet, you’re getting an item that can add that element of modern design to your bathroom. Because its mounting hardware can be completely hidden once it’s been installed, you don’t need to worry about this wall mounted toilet disrupting any kind of design scheme that you have going.

The minimalist design of the toilet also helps it blend in better into the bathroom.

I also want to highlight the fact that this toilet allows you to set it at the height that will make you feel most comfortable. You can adjust the toilet so that the bowl is anywhere from 16 inches to 28 inches off the ground.

It’s also worth highlighting the way the manufacturers designed the bowl itself. They crafted it in such a way that it offers you the added surface area of an elongated bowl while taking up as much space as a round bowl. You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds.

The one thing I did not appreciate about this Kohler toilet is that its standing water level is low. It’s more prone to streaking and other stains because of that.


  • One of the more stylish wall mounted toilets
  • Takes up a minimal amount of space in the bathroom
  • Can be installed at varying heights
  • Features the dual flush system
  • Elongated bowl offers more comfort


  • Low water level makes this toilet more prone to stains

Continuing with the wall mounted toilets that blend seamlessly into the background, the Aquia Toilet from TOTO is another product that warrants at least some consideration from shoppers.

Once the installation process has been completed, this toilet’s water tank should be able to disappear behind the wall of your bathroom. You can save more space inside the bathroom thanks to that feature.

This toilet also features an elongated bowl that will allow users to settle in better and avoid unnecessary discomfort.

The manufacturers have also included the dual flushing system in this toilet. It’s always nice to have the option of cutting down on the amount of water you use to flush the toilet, but you may find that this item doesn’t exactly offer you that.

An issue I encountered with this toilet is that the partial flush is simply not strong enough. You’re better off using the full flush each time you finish using this toilet. On some occasions, the full flush may not even get rid of all the solid waste.

If you’re looking for a toilet that can conserve plenty of water, this is not what you should be looking at.


  • Will blend seamlessly into the design of your bathroom
  • Allows you to save plenty of space
  • Comfortable to use even for an extended period of time
  • Universal height


  • Flushing power could be better
  • Sold without a toilet seat

American Standard’s Glenwall Wall Mounted Toilet differs from the first two items because it does not save you as much space, but it’s arguably the better toilet to have long-term.

In many wall-mounted toilets, you’ll likely encounter an issue with them being unable to flush with force or them having a low water level. The flushing power of American Standard’s toilet is not the most impressive you’ll see, but it is still good for a wall-mounted option.

It is able to exhibit that kind of flushing power because it utilizes the pressure-assisted system. This toilet is more successful at getting rid waste because of that, but the downside is that it’s noisier too. You won’t want to use this toilet often at night.

You can still remain comfortable while using this toilet because of the elongated bowl, but be warned that it does not come with a toilet seat included. Purchase a toilet seat along with this product if you want to use it right after it’s installed.


  • Features more flushing power than the average wall mounted toilet
  • Provides an elongated toilet bowl
  • Large water spot to prevent streaking


  • Noisy when flushed
  • Does not come with a toilet seat

Toilet maintenance is not an easy job, but it is one that needs to get done. To make that part of your chore list more manageable, you can choose to get Duravit’s Starck 3 Wall Mounted Toilet for your home.

The draw of this Duravit toilet is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning or maintaining it. Because the manufacturers have glazed it, stains don’t end up sticking to it. You’ll also notice that it has a fairly large water spot, which is similarly useful for repelling stains.

When the time comes for you to give it a more thorough cleaning, you won’t have a lot of trouble doing so because it’s designed not to get in your way. The compact design of this toilet also saves you valuable time as well as space in your bathroom.

Unfortunately, it does also suffer from the common issue that plagues many other wall mounted toilets. Specifically, it has trouble disposing of waste with one flush. This is a dual flush toilet, so you can either use the full flush most of the time or try your luck with the partial flush knowing you may need to repeat it.


  • More resistant to stains because of interior glaze
  • Features a larger water spot than the average wall mounted toilet
  • Equipped with the dual flush system
  • Compact design


  • Flushing power can be insufficient at times

If you’re looking for something different to feature in your bathroom, your best bet may be the Square Modern Wall Mounted Toilet from EAGO.

Before you make a final decision on purchasing or passing on this toilet, you need to know about the kind of comfort it can provide. I’m obviously only speaking for myself here, but the square shape of the bowl itself – if you can still call it that – is remarkably different from what you’ve probably gotten used to.

There’s a decent amount of surface area for you to use, but it’s not as large as what you may assume from just looking at it.

I do like that this toilet doesn’t take up a lot of vertical space.  The low flush is also an ingenious bit of design that helps keep this toilet clean despite it being so shallow.

Ultimately though, your decision to get this toilet will hinge on whether or not you can be comfortable sitting on that kind of bowl.


  • Features a unique design
  • Fully glazed to discourage stains
  • Low flush helps keep the toilet clean
  • Space-saving toilet that can fit easily into almost any bathroom


  • Getting comfortable on the square seat can prove to be a challenge

Last up, we have the Ibiza Round Wall Toilet from CeraStyle. This is yet another wall mounted toilet that offers more than just functionality. It’s got a pretty eye-catching look as well.

The shape of the toilet bowl is probably its most unique feature. The manufacturers note that this is a round toilet, but as you can see, the bowl is more square-shaped only with the edges rounded.

That design choice matters not just because it’s quite unique, but also because it offers a bit of extra comfort.  You can stretch your legs out more while using this toilet and know that you won’t slide off one side or anything like that.

The dual flush feature has returned and it performs pretty similarly to what you’ll see in other toilets. That means you will probably have to repeat the flush sometimes.

Frustratingly, the actuator and tank are not included with this toilet, so expect extra expenses if you decide to get this fixture.


  • Toilet comes with a large surface area suitable for keeping most users very comfortable
  • Features a uniquely shaped bowl
  • Dual flush feature installed in this toilet


  • Actuator and tank are not sold together with the toilet

The Factors You Need to Consider When Shopping for the Best Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted toilets differ just enough from their more conventional counterparts that you need to keep in mind some other things when shopping for one.

To be more specific, you need these toilets to maximize the space you have and it wouldn’t hurt if they looked good as well. On top of that, you will also have to take into account the other factors that hint at the quality of performance a particular toilet can provide.


If you’re looking at wall mounted toilets, the chances are that you don’t have the most spacious bathroom. Thankfully, most manufacturers of wall mounted toilets are cognizant of that and have provided shoppers with practical options to consider.

When it comes to the design of the toilet, you will first have to look at its dimensions. Do the dimensions indicate that it will fit into the space you have available? If that’s the case, then you can take a longer look at the toilet.

You should also check to see how the toilet will look once it has been installed. Some wall mounted toilets still have their water tanks visible once they have been added to your bathroom.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you can find more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Other wall mounted toilets will blend almost completely into the wall aside from the bowl itself and those are arguably the more stylish options.

Gallons per Flush

Another reason why you may want to get a new wall mounted toilet is because that old toilet of yours could be wasting quite a bit of water.

Older models may use 3.5 gallons of per flush (GPF) and the even more ancient ones may require 5 gallons to complete a single flush.

Here’s the thing: The toilet doesn’t need to use that much water just to flush down waste. If the toilet you have installed still has GPF ratings that high, you need to replace it if you want to cut down on your monthly expenses and just conserve some clean water.

The good news is that you won’t have to search too long to find a more water-efficient toilet. Toilets that use 1.6 gallons of water per flush or even less than that amount have been the federal standard for more than 2 decades. If you want to add a water-efficient toilet to your home, you won’t have to spend a long time finding one.

Toilet Bowl Height

In most toilets, the functional height measurement you need to look at is how far up the bowl is from the ground. If the toilet bowl is 16 to 19 inches above the ground, then it should be quite comfortable because it’s as tall as a standard chair.

The tricky part is that you can’t just refer to height when you’re shopping for a wall mounted toilet.

Instead, what you need to look at is the installation height range for the toilet. If there’s a big range for you to work with, then the height of the toilet itself won’t matter that much because you can just set it at a specific height on your wall and be confident that it will be comfortable to use.

Toilet Bowl Shape

Toilet bowls typically come in one of two shapes.

First, you have what are known as the round toilet bowls. Toilets with round bowls are usually cheaper, but those savings come at the cost of having a smaller surface area to work with. You may find it more difficult to get comfortable using a toilet with a round bowl.

Elongated or oval bowls are usually found on more expensive toilets. What you’ll like about the toilets that use elongated bowls is that they are way more comfortable. You can relax more while sitting down on an elongated bowl without fearing that you may cramp up.

Now, because some of these wall mounted toilets are uniquely designed, you may also see some bowls that don’t fit under the description of being round or elongated. Some bowls are square-shaped, which is going to take some getting used to.

The elongated bowls are still best for comfort, but you can still go with the round options if you want to save a few bucks.

Flushing System

Toilets also vary from one another in the way they get rid of waste.

Many of the toilets sold today still make use of the gravity flush system. The gravity flush system is pretty much just the standard system used. If you have an older toilet working in your home currently, then it probably uses the gravity flush system. You don’t have to worry much about maintenance if this is the type of flushing system installed in your toilet.

Varying from the gravity flush system is the one known as the pressure-assisted system. Toilets that come with pressure-assisted flushing are quite similar to their more conventional counterparts, but they do differ in terms of power. Pressure-assisted toilets can flush away waste with greater ease. If something falls into the toilet that shouldn’t be there, the additional pressure should still be away to flush it down the pipes.

Other toilets feature what is known as the dual flush system. The beauty of the dual flush system is that it provides you with even more opportunities to cut down your water consumption. You don’t always have to use the full power of the flush to get rid of liquid waste. When you do need more oomph behind the flush, then you can use the more powerful option.

You can also find some waterless toilets while shopping but you probably don’t have to settle for those considering you are adding a toilet to your home bathroom.


Additional Features

You may notice some manufacturers highlighting the fact that their toilets feature fully glazed trapways. That’s because having a fully glazed trapway makes it easier for the toilet to resist clogging. Waste won’t get stuck in the toilet bowl because it will be able to easily pass through the fully glazed trapway.

It would also be best if you bought a toilet with a large water spot. That larger water spot discourages streaking and it will make the toilet easier to clean.

Lastly, check to see which components are included in the packaging of the toilet you’re buying. Some of these toilets are sold together with all the pieces you’ll need while others will require you to make some additional purchases.


It was honestly tough to choose between the toilets featured in this article because all of them brought something interesting to the table. At the end of the day though, Kohler’s Veil Wall Hung Toilet edges all the other choices out.

The low water level is not ideal and may force you to clean up a bit more than you expected, but everything else about this toilet is great.

It features a decent amount of power especially if you use the full flush and the elongated bowl is really comfortable to sit on even for a longer bathroom break.

Plus, the fact that you can install this toilet at varied heights makes it easier to fit it into the bathroom.

Also, this is truly one of those fixtures that adds both substance and style.

For all those reasons, Kohler’s Veil toilet is my choice for the top wall mounted toilet.